Stable housing is where our work to end homelessness begins.

Housing First

We believe that building wellbeing begins with home. Our first priority in working with people is housing because it’s nearly impossible to regain stability without it. Our Housing programs serve people experiencing homelessness, and we prioritize the most vulnerable people for services.

Housing Everywhere

We believe all people should have the opportunity to live wherever in the community best fits their life, work, social connections, and budget. For some people, remaining near friends who have shared experiences of homelessness is valuable while others thrive with a fresh start and new beginnings. Fully integrating people back into the community they call home is one of the most powerful aspects of our work.


When I walked into my apartment for the first time, I cried. This place saved my life


Supportive Housing client

Our Housing Programs

Permanent Supportive Housing

Caritas of Austin’s Permanent Supportive Housing program provides housing, onsite supportive services, and mental health counseling for disabled individuals experiencing long-term homelessness. By using best practices and continually adding new layers of peer and mental health support, we are proud that last year 95% of individuals remained stable in housing and did not return to the streets.

Housing Stability

Caritas of Austin provides rapid rehousing services to families and individuals who are experiencing shorter-term homelessness. An unexpected crisis such as an injury, illness, or a lost job can cause a loss of stable housing. We meet people in their time of greatest need and quickly intervene to rehouse families to prevent long-term homelessness. We employ customized, evidence-based solutions to end a family’s homelessness once and for all, which is helps build stability for future generations.

Best Single Source Plus

Caritas of Austin is the lead and fiscal agent of this 13-agency collaborative aimed at preventing and ending homelessness in Austin and Travis County. Learn more

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