Grow your professional knowledge and skills with the Caritas of Austin team through our internship opportunities.

Caritas of Austin offers flexible internship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students as well as non-academic internships. Interns are a vital part of the work we do to restore stability and build wellbeing for people on a daily basis. Caritas of Austin provides comprehensive training, so that you can support our mission in a meaningful way.

Internship Benefits:
  • Excellent, documented experience in human services
  • The opportunity to interact and work with diverse populations
  • The potential to gain a greater understanding of direct client services
  • Opportunities to learn from and contribute to Caritas of Austin programs
  • Opportunities to attend internal and external professional development trainings
  • College credit, if appropriate
Internship Training and Requirements:
  • Pre-training screening interview
  • Criminal background check
  • Caritas University training courses relevant to each internship
  • Available a minimum of 18 hours per week
  • Complete one hour of supervision with a Caritas of Austin staff member per week
  • Report hours honestly and dutifully
  • Set learning objectives and track your progress at reaching goals

See our current openings below to learn more about various internship opportunities at Caritas of Austin. When you are ready to ask more questions or apply for an internship, contact Melissa Ortiz at

Current Openings

The Apartment Set-up volunteer intern helps create a welcoming environment for refugees arriving in the Austin area by setting-up apartments prior to their arrival. Apartment set-up will include grocery shopping for basic items needed in an apartment utilizing a list provided by the resettlement specialist. Interns will put all household goods in their respective places. Interns will also help innovate on the process and coordinate with the Resettlement team.

Time Commitment: 18 hours/week for 4-6 months


  • Coordinating data and arrivals on families to facilitate the set-up process
  • Arranging bedroom(s), put sheets, pillows and comforter on the bed
  • Put household goods in their respective places: bathroom, kitchen, and closets
  • Clean apartment after set-up
  • Assist with grocery shopping using a shopping list provided by Resettlement team
  • Ensure grocery purchases meet program requirements and any religious dietary restrictions
  • Return receipts to Resettlement Specialist for record keeping
  • Regularly complete and submit a timesheet to record hours and mileage
  • Other duties as agreed to with the Resettlement Specialist

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Ability to process data, collect data, use excel, or learn different forms
  • Ability to work independently, under the direction of a Resettlement Specialist
  • Sees projects through completion
  • Ability to lift 25 lbs.
  • Apartment Set-up Volunteer must have:
    • Reliable Transportation
    • Current State of Texas Driver's License
    • Proof of up-to-date auto insurance

The Education Program Intern supports the Education Program by completing administrative and research tasks, teaching classes as assigned, and ensuring the availability of and preparing the materials for classes.

Time Commitment: 18 hours/week for 12 weeks


  • Administrative Tasks:
    • Assist with registration
    • Track client attendance
    • Complete follow-up and reminder calls
    • Update bulletin board
  • Education Services for Clients:
    • Prepare class materials and teach classes as assigned
    • Prepare monthly class related attendance and scores for classes
  • Organizational Support Functions:
    • Attend scheduled program, department, and all-staff meetings and trainings
    • Attend weekly program staffing meetings and quarterly collaboration meetings
  • Other Duties:
    • Serve as back up for the education program staff in case of emergency
    • Perform other duties as assigned by supervisor

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • At least two years of university studies in education, education administration, social work, psychology, or related fields
  • Team player: responsive, communicative, and flexible
  • Creative, engaging, and eager to do and learn
  • Ability to work independently, follow directives with minimal supervision, and meet tight deadlines
  • Organized, reliable, and detail-oriented
  • Willingness to work with people who possess little to no English skills
  • Friendly, while mindful of professionalism
  • Patient and able to communicate with cross-cultural sensitivity
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel is required. Some experience in writing reports preferred
  • Bilingual Burmese, Arabic, Nepali, or French preferred. Spanish is also a plus.

Caritas Supportive Housing programs are designed to house single adults with a history of homelessness and a co-occuring disability. Clients work intensively with their Case Manager located onsite at their apartment complex to ensure stability in housing, income, and overall well-being.

Supportive Housing volunteers and interns may be asked to support clients one-on-one, provide "as-needed" support, lead and teach groups, or assist Case Managers with administrative tasks. Assignments are determined by the needs of the clients, Case Managers, and through discussion with the intern.

Time Commitment: 18 hours/week for one semester


  • Assist clients in accessing community resources
  • Provide individualized instruction and support to clients as needed, in alignment with the client's service plan
  • Perform administrative case management tasks
  • Work under the supervision of Caritas Supportive Housing Program Manager and staff
  • Transport clients to appointments (e.g., doctors, benefits appointments, etc.)
  • Other duties as assigned by staff

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Required: Consistency, reliability, and dependability
  • Willingness to communicate openly with staff and clients
  • Ability to communicate with diverse populations, individuals, and professionals
  • Respectful of individuals and diverse belief systems
  • Ability to work independently, under the direction of Supportive Housing staff
  • Ability to think and work creatively with individuals diagnosed with a mental illness
  • Willingness to be flexible, patient, and to work at the client's pace
  • Willingness to work to provide services as needed to best serve the client
  • Willingness to transport clients to and from appointments and to serve as an advocate
  • Resourceful with the ability to research and identify community resources
  • To transport clients the volunteer must have:
    • Reliable transportation
    • Be at least 21 years of age
    • Current State of Texas driver's license
    • Proof of up-to-date car insurance

Caritas of Austin's Employment Program serves persons making the transition out of poverty by assisting them with gaining employment. The Employment Guide may assist refugees, low-income family members, veterans, or disabled persons who have experienced homelessness. The Employment Guide Intern supports the client with job search activities or projects, under the guidance of an Employment Specialist. The Employment Guide may develop new skills in assisting Caritas clients in seeking employment and financial stability.

Time Commitment: 18 hours/week for one semester


  • Serve as a guide and resource to the client engaged in the job-seeking process
  • Coach the refugees in employment language utilized in the United States
  • Assist refugees with limited English skills in completing job applications
  • Accompany refugees in applying for Social Security, shopping, accessing health care, and other acculturation activities
  • Model appropriate dress for meeting prospective employers. (no jeans, t-shirts, or sneakers)
  • Submit on-line applications or coach clients in the procedure
  • Accompany women to Dress for Success appointments
  • Practice public transportation skills to new job sites
  • Conduct mock interviews to provide practice for the job applicant
  • Inform Caritas Employment Specialist about the client skill development in the job-search process
  • Complete volunteer timesheets, due at the end of each month to the Employment Specialist
  • Other duties, as agreed upon with the Employment Specialist

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Ability to work independently, under the direction of the Employment Specialist
  • Project driven and see projects through to completion
  • Willingness to work with people who possess little to no English skills
  • Friendly, but always mindful that relationships must be professional, not personal
  • Patient, communicating with cross-cultural sensitivity
  • Language Requirements: There is no language requirement for this position although students with a working knowledge of our client languages are strongly encouraged to apply. These languages include but are not limited to: Swahili, Spanish, Nepali, Burmese, French, Tigrigna, Amharic, and Arabic.
  • Mentorship Plan: Interns will be required to attend Caritas of Austin’s Direct Service Volunteer training where they will learn about working one on one with clients, confidentiality, and other service provision information. Each intern will be overseen by the Program Manager as well as an Employment Specialist. The Employment Specialist will serve as a mentor and will manage the intern on a day to day basis. The intern will shadow the Employment Specialist, receive training, and observe client meetings before taking on clients of their own. The intern will also be required to attend departmental and all staff meetings.

Culinary students can complete their externship in the Caritas Community Kitchen, which serves lunch to over 300 individuals daily.

Reporting to the Community Development Coordinator, the Community Development Intern will perform a range of administrative and office support functions for Caritas of Austin to help facilitate the efficient operation of the Development department. The Community Development Intern will directly contribute to increasing Caritas of Austin's capacity to serve more individuals and families in need.

Time Commitment: 10-15 hours/week for 3-6 months


  • Perform general clerical duties including photocopying, fax, and mailin
  • Provide administrative support, such as data entry and other computer-related activities
  • Make phone calls and e-mail
  • Research volunteer newsletter topics
  • Provide volunteer orientation for the Community Kitchen
  • Other duties as assigned

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Maintain professional demeaner at all times
  • Maintain appropriate professional and personal boundaries
  • Excellent organizational, written, and verbal skills
  • Detail oriented and committed to meeting deadlines
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Works well independently and as part of a team
  • Ability to adapt to shifting priorities and manage multiple deadlines
  • Ability to problem-solve in a fast paced work environment
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office programs, including Outlook, Word, and Excel
  • Maintain client, donor, staff confidentiality
  • Attend Caritas University Classes 3 and 6
  • Volunteer in the Community Kitchen one time
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