Caritas (care-it-ahs)
  noun, Latin, meaning: Love/charity  

About Us

For over 50 years, Caritas of Austin has been a turning point in people’s lives. Each year we serve thousands of families and individuals who do not have a stable place to call home. Through comprehensive, relationship-based services, Caritas of Austin turns crisis into stability and empowers people toward the life they want. We believe that a thriving community derives its strength from providing all members the opportunity to be self-reliant.


Caritas of Austin provides a service continuum for those experiencing poverty that begins with a safety net and links them to resources to achieve self-sufficiency.


We envision a community where there is respect for all individuals, hope for those experiencing poverty and opportunities for self-reliance.

Who We Serve

Our clients include households of all sizes; many of whom are veterans, refugees, women and children. They all share a common reality: they do not have a stable place to call home. Some have experienced homelessness for years and others have just found themselves without a place to call home. We believe that people lack not the motivation to improve their life, but the opportunity to do so. We help people restore stability in their lives so people can pursue their life goals.

Our Approach

We believe in a “housing-first approach” in our efforts to end homelessness. We know that people must first secure a stable living situation before they can address other areas of crisis in their lives. Once clients establish stable housing, they can focus on opportunities for employment, education, food, physical and mental health services and building a network of support. Caritas of Austin's professional staff members facilitate this comprehensive approach; which is evidence-based and effective in helping people achieve self-sufficiency. 

Our Impact

At Caritas of Austin, we measure success in terms of lasting stability. Our goal is for clients to restore stability and help them reach their goals and aspirations. 

Additionally, this year we will:

•  Serve 80,000 meals in our Community Kitchen

•  Provide enough take-home groceries for 45,000 meals for hungry families

•  Help 550 individuals find employment

•  Offer 1,000 education classes on topics like money management, cultural orientation, life skills, and workforce development

•  Resettle 550 international refugees in their transition to life in the United States

The entire community benefits from Caritas of Austin's services. A strong community is one where every person and family has the opportunity to be self-reliant.

Our Partners

The following are some of the key collaborations in which Caritas of Austin is involved:

ECHO (Ending Community Homelessness Coalition) is a collaborative of individuals, businesses and nonprofit organizations dedicated to ending homelessness in Austin. More information at

The Downtown Austin Alliance (DAA) is a partnership of individuals and businesses devoted to preserving and enhancing the value and vitality of downtown Austin. More information at

Downtown Austin Community Court (DACC) works to collaboratively address the quality of life issues of all residents in the downtown Austin community through the swift, creative sentencing of public order offenders. More information at

One Voice Central Texas is a coalition of over 80 nonprofits providing health and human services to or on behalf of vulnerable Central Texas residents. More information at

Austin Refugee Roundtable is a coalition of local organizations with the goal of enhancing services to refugees and making Austin a welcoming and supportive resettlement community. More information at

Austin: Welcoming City Initiative is our city's formalized commitment to be a welcoming, immigrant-friendly community. Initiative partners include the Commission on Immigrant Affairs, the City of Austin's Economic Development and Health & Humans Services Departments, Travis County Research and Planning, the Immigrant Services Network of Austin (ISNA), and Cap Metro. More information HERE.

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financial statements

Caritas of Austin is committed to maximizing the impact your gift can make in the lives of our clients. We continue to keep our administrative fundraising costs low. In order to uphold the utmost transparency, our financial statements are available below.

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