2016-2017 Board of Directors

Lane Prickett
C. Lane Prickett & Associates
Melissa Ayala
Waller Creek Conservancy
John Brindley
VP, Finance & Monitoring
Community Volunteer
Nancy Burns
Norwood Tower
Management Company
Monica Crowley
Central Health
Harvey Giblin
Southern Careers Institute
Monica Guzmรกn
Community Volunteer
Larry Graham
Texas Gas Service
Jenny Gregorcyk
Hahn Public Communications
John Lavorato
VP, Board Governance
Filtration Group Corporation
Emily Blair
Home Builders Association of Greater Austin
 Luke Martinez
Co-Chair, Finance & Monitoring
Bank of America
Tracy Snodgrass
Community Volunteer
Ramesh Swaminathan, P.E.
City of Austin
Watershed Protection Department
Troy West
VP, Resource
Observint Technologies
Keith Fern
Past President, Ex Officio
Worldwide Clinical Trials
Gaines Bagby
Community Advisory Board Liaison
Mike Haggerty
Board Member Emeritus
ThunderCloud Subs
Jo Kathryn Quinn
Executive Director